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Looking to enhance your quality of life?

We specialize in guiding you through the process of making simple healthier choices that don't totally disrupt your lifestyle.

Today, you can benefit from our years of research and experience by following our simple guides to living happier, healthier, and more purposeful.

Business Strategy

Need more income? Ready to live life on your own terms?


Put my business degree and military strategy training to use! With my business strategy consulting, we will work together to determine where you can expand what you're doing to earn more income, whether you already have an established business or not.

Lead A Team

Indulge in your passion for helping other people by joining our team as a team leader.

You'll receive coaching and training on how to build a truly authentic business based on your interests, needs, personality, and lifestyle.

My leadership opportunity is ideal for individuals and small businesses focused on healthier lifestyles.

Take A Course

Whether you're looking to grow a business, identify and ditch harmful chemicals in your home, or want to get started blogging... I have a few courses available

for you to check out. 

Guest Write or Sponsor A Blog Post

Like what you see? Feel the pull to help contribute? Yes, we do offer limited guest post opportunities in business and wellness topics between our two websites:


  • www.EssentialOils.Life


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